Best British Female Singers

1. Adele


  • She is the crossover singer in the history of female singers in the world. 21 is still topping across various charts. Can you believe it?
  • I think she’s the only singer that’s can be sexy without wearing something slutty and can actually sing well when she’s live.
  • People like Adele come once in a few generations. They become a living poem, a moving masterpiece. Comparing just becomes silly.

2 Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

  • If we speak about really great voice, this girl should be # 1. Besides, she sang not because she wanted to be famous singer, like others did. She simply couldn’t live without singing. That’s why she IS famous now.
  • If it hadn’t been for Amy Winehouse this list would have been almost empty. She opened up for many other female artist plus she gave the world a lot with her talent. She is amazing and she will always be remembered. Her voice is better than most artists that exist. We love Amy Winehouse and she definitely should be number one on this list.
  • As a matter of fact, amy is the only one on this list who can be called a legend. She was a genius, and to our dismay the price of a genius is her ultimate tragic death. Simply peerless, both voice and image-wise.

3. Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis

  • A Voice that is unparalleled, Leona Lewis proves that talent is the only thing needed to be successful. Great songs and great lyrics for a phenomenal voice. Leona is all about music, and that is why she is so sensational!
  • Leona is One of the best female singer I’ll ever seen, her voice is so beautiful and she put her soul in the songs, she’s a amazing live artist ande deserve all the fame posibble, she’s a nice, cute, and carity person, and for my opinion, a incredible women, I Love her so much, my dear bunny love
  • Leona Lewis has an amazing voice and deserves more fame for this. She deserves many more hits then she does. Untalented people roam the charts and now it’s Leona’s turn.

4. Jessie J

Jessie J

  • Jessie J never fails when she sings, and she cannot only sing, but she can also beatbox and play with her voice in so many other ways. You can feel her mood when she sings. You can feel her emotions, and it is very few singers, where you can hear that! Jessie J is without a doubt the best british female singer 🙂
  • She’s British? (I just voted so I can ask laugh out loud)
  • She’s amazing! Jessie J is the only singer in the world who can jump like a maniac n still have spot on

5. Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding

  • Yep she deserves it, her talent speaks for itself. I love all her songs and I am always looking for more Cheers
  • Best British artist to date. Sorry if you disagree. It’s the truth. This deserves to be at number 1. Vote it up please. If you disagree, listen to:-“Stay Awake”
    • -Ritual
    • -This Love (Will Be Your Downfall
    • -Anything Could Happen
  • She is really gifted and her voice is AMAZING!

6. Florence Welch

Florence Welch

  • No sound can match hers Florence is one of the most talented singers of all time even Adele doesn’t have a voice like hers because her voice is the voice of an angle
  • There may be several incredible women on this list, but none can match the artistry that Florence Welch has
  • Listen to Calvin Harris’ version of Spectrum and then tell me Florence Welch isn’t the best on this list. Adele is a very close second though

7. Lily Allen

Lily Allen 02

  • I’m dieing for each of her songs and who can ignore that she is so relly cool ^^
  • She is somebody I’ve been waiting to hear for a long time. She is a breath of fresh air. Love her
  • Her songs are so truthful and real. As as well as being relaxing music to the ears

Lily Allen 01

8. Emeli Sandé

Emeli Sandé

  • She has such an incredible Voice, her Songs are with so much Emotion and Soul I Love her

9. Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd

  • Cher lloyd started off in X factor uk when she was 16 auditioning singing “Turn my swag on”. After finishing fourth place she was signed. Cher came out with her songs Want you Back, Oath, With your Love, and more. Cher lloyd is a great inspiration to me and others. Cher is defeniey qualified to be on this website. Cher lloyd is the best!
  • I Love Cher Lloyd. My favorite FEMALE singers are, (in no order), Cher Lloyd, Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus. I Love this women and I can not believe she’s number 9. People are crazy.
  • tShe’s amazing nominated myself down there should be # 1

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