Top Ten Singers of the 21st Century

1. Jackie Evancho

  • By far, the best voice among this whole group.
  • This century will be dominated by Jackie – she has only just begun!As artists vary on their talents and genres, there’s room for discussions.
  • However, in the real singing art, Jackie Evancho is unbeatable.
  • To compare with Jackie, only the long stablished names. No new name can compare to her. Jackie forever!

2. Eminem

  • EMINEM KING OF RAPEminem should be #1He puts his rap out, he’s got really good flow, his lyrics is unbeatable, his 1st beat in “The Way I Am” was excellent and catchy, his songs are BEST!

3. Bruno Mars

  • He is great ❤ his songs are very creative
  • He’s fit and such a good singer songwrighter what else could you want?
  • I love his songs 😀 and the person him selfis really cool and badass and I’m a big fan of him 😀

4. Enrique Iglesias

  • He is glamourous like her voice

5. Demi Lovato

  • Demi Lovato should absolutely be #1, she’s so ‘ amazing!
  • She is the most talented person I’ve ever met
  • I love your music

6. Shreya Ghoshal

  • Awesome voice! One of the best voices I have ever heard!
  • Her voice just dissolves into song… Gives it a taste…

7. Babbu Maan

  • Babbu maan at a he is genius all in one
  • Best punjabi singar with a huge fun power
  • Guys please vote for BM… Please!

 8. Beyoncé

  • The Queen Of R&B should be on the top ten!
  • Can someone please explain why Avril Lavinge is even on this list? Beyonce should be in the top 3.
  • What nonesense position the she given she deserves to seat on her thrown she is the queen

9. Sonu Nigam

  • His all songs are huge hit in hindi, he sungs great songs n hindi. he is also no 1 singer in south india, especially in kannada. he is the soul of music. he is the great singer of asia. all songs are awesome. he fills his life, feeling, thoughts in all songs, he is the idol of india and asia, he made world record by sung tees maar kha in 54 voices. proud to be an indian, all the best for your future sonu, your voice is like honey, sweet etc, we love you forever sonu, are the inspiration to all singers, other singer songs are in mouth only, but your songs are in my blood and heart, keep the excellent singing forever sonu, you are the inspiration and idol TO all the youths, SONU IS AWESOME, AMAZING SONU IS MY LIFE, SONU IS THE LIVING LEGEND OF SINGING!
  • He have such a magical voice… He show all versatility of music… He is true legend… He compose this is it tribute to great mj… He collaborate with britney spears… He compose song for icc world cup… And his new English album is coming in universal… He sing more than 3000 songs by more than 15 languages… No doubt sonu is best best best
  •  He is the number 1 singer of 21st century. He is having far better voice than the singers who are ranked above him. Just listen him once. He is the most versatile singer in entire world.

10. Avril Lavigne

  • Shes unreal I love you avril
  •  She is my absolute idol! She has phenomenal vocals and doesn’t try to be someone she’s not. I love her image as a rockstar and she seems really chill in interviews. She started her career off at 16 so avril can relate to teenage aspiring singers. LOVE you AVRIL XX
  • Avril is the best. She creates real music. She writes real lyrics and not stupid lyrics to only earn money.

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