Ahok is a new inspiration for Jakarta

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If you believe, every decade there will be someone who was born to inspire a lot of people around, and even can affect millions of people nationally and globally. Indonesia also fortunate because it is blessed with Sukarno and Hatta who have fought and proclaimed the independence of Indonesia on August 17, 1945. Sukarno had become a magnet in Asia and Africa, so that inspired many nations in the region to independence from foreign occupation and colonialism.

Now, in the digital and smartphones era, someone who could bring winds of change are also needed. After Sukarno, Indonesia has Jokowi and Ahok who have the vision to build a better Indonesia. He came from Solo, a small town in Central Java. He started life as a businessman and export of furniture products to many countries.


He was interested in politics and became mayor of Solo in the two periods. Not finished his second term, Jokowi asked by Megawati Sukarno Putri, chairman of the Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) to be nominated as Governor of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital.

Joko Widodo or Jokowi also choose Tjahaja Basuki Purnama aka Ahok as deputy governor. They won office as governor. They do a lot of changes in this metropolitan city. Towards 2014, Jokowi again requested by Megawati for become a candidate for president of Indonesia. Happen very tough competition with main rival General Prabowo from Gerindra. Eventough with a simple appearance, but with a very interesting campaign programs, Jokowi was elected as the new president of Indonesia in 2014.


Meanwhile Ahok, the deputy governor of Jokowi, was finally inaugurated as Governor of Jakarta to replace Jokowi also sworn in as president. Ahok inauguration has been plagued by political opponents, but the people of Jakarta to reject any hindrance from the elites of the opposition party. People Jakarta has enjoyed a lot of fundamental changes that have been made by Jokowi along with Ahok.

Ahok is also a descendant of Chinese immigrants. Ahok family is businessman in the island, and is highly respected by the surrounding community, so Ahok elected as regent of East Belitung, and eventually became a member of the House of Representatives in Jakarta. Subsequent career was as a deputy governor of Jakarta, and replace Jokowi as governor until today.

Meanwhile Ahok, deputy governor of Jokowi, was finally inaugurated as Governor of Jakarta to replace Jokowi also sworn in as president. Ahok inauguration has been plagued by political opponents, but the people of Jakarta to reject any hindrance from the elites of the opposition party. People Jakarta has enjoyed a lot of fundamental changes that have been made by Jokowi along with Ahok. They believe that Ahok will be able to continue the vision and missions undertaken by Jokowi.


As Jokowi, Ahok also come from a small island in North Sumatra, Bangka Belitung. Basuki Purnama Tjahaja alias Ahok, is a political figure who is simple, outspoken, tough, and a little easily angered towards something goes wrong in the bureaucracy. He was also very firm to run the Jakarta government regulations. There are many problems and complexities in the previous decade can be resolved very firmly by Ahok.

Certainly Ahok lot of resistance from the bureaucracy, political opponents, activists and civil society organizations who do not like the policy of Ahok, especially for curb certain areas in Jakarta were occupied illegally by society, even by thugs and officials who decades became patron thugs or preman. As well as Jokowi, Ahok was very exasperated with the corrupt behavior of bureaucrats, and businessmen who pay bribes to civil servants in local government.

Ahok is very outspoken when commenting on irregularities in the administration. He firmly mutated officials or government employees who worked incompetence. If there is a proven accept bribes or corruption, then they fired faster than in the government in the previous five years.

When Ahok evict squatters in a specific location around Jakarta, Ahok indeed act decisively. Ahok is certain to be much resistance from activists, artists, and even lawyers, and sometimes there is interference from human rights organizations. However, Ahok always had appropriate solutions. Ahok will provide flats belonging to the Jakarta government to the people who have been relocated. People are given three free months for occupy the flat and pay rent is very affordable after three months. They were also given a bed, refrigerator and other supporting facilities.

There are many changes and order were successfully carried out by Ahok. Bureaucracy in Jakarta from the central to the mayor’s office – districts and villages has now changed, and better serve the needs of the community more quickly than five years ago. Officials in Jakarta has not dared to take bribes or commit extortion.

Ahok is understood that to be the governor with a background in the Chinese and Christian in Muslim majority such as Jakarta is not easy. However, Ahok never walk alone. Apparently, the majority of people in Jakarta loved Ahok because he is honest, assertive and anti-corruption, although there are certain political elite intend to drive Ahok that serve as a corruption suspect.


Ahok considered to have been an inspiration for government that is transparent, accountable and maximizing digital technology for run the government, so it can detect early Ahok for find any irregularities in the bureaucracy.

Ahok also dare to resign from Gerindra, and run for a second term in 2017. He ran as an independent candidate. Nonetheless, there are two smaller parties that support Ahok, namely Nasdem Party and Hanura. Ahok has accumulated more than 800 thousand citizens of Jakarta ID card, as a condition for an independent candidate. Volunteers such as “Teman Ahok”, are sure to be collected one million ID cards in the near future, and it exceeds the terms and conditions of the Election Commission (KPU).


As someone who has successfully run the government in Jakarta, is very strange that the PDI-P did not participate to support Ahok the Jakarta governor election in 2017. With a unique Ahok, Jakarta will have a leader who can bring Jakarta for the better as a modern and prosperous city, not because the MRT, LRT or wider sidewalks, nor because managed to reduce the impact of flooding and traffic congestion, but as a true inspiration and a real example that has been shown by Ahok.

If Megawati Sukarno Putri as chairman of the PDI-P has a great soul as a maker of kings, Megawati will certainly be able to convince the elite in the party her support Ahok as Governor of Jakarta at elections in 2017, the PDI-P will be a big advantage, where the party will win election to the Parliament, could even win the presidency in 2019.

Do Megawati will release these opportunities. Perhaps the chairman of the PDI P will support Ahok officially in the last minute before the official nomination. We can only wait patiently. How about you? Are you also wonder and exasperated with Megawati style?

However, Ahok is very confident, that as an independent candidate is also a way for elected governor for a second term in 2017.


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