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Best Pop Singers of the 21st Century

1. Adele


  • Wow this is just an inspiration of what life is in to pop stars. I found out that this is just an amazing website to all people who are determent to learn and to find out about the truth to all these creations and beginnings to all immediate pop stars.
  • This Young Lady Has Just Begun Her Journey! Adele Has Been On Top Of The Billboard 100! With Her Hits Rolling In The Deep and Someone Like You. What Could Possibly Be Next For Adele.
  • She’s great. She’s a shot in the arm for the industry. She writes her own music that’s not at all contrived. And she’s managed to sell loads of records which makes her a great example to the younger artists. Her voice is serene. It can lighten you up anytime.
  • Love you Adele

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga 01

  • She is the best when it comes to pop she can bring it and when she brings it she tops the list with her hits she tops all females
  • The Mother Monster is a new artist and with just three albums she managed to establish herself as one of the best singers, performers and rockstars of all time because she’s excellent in so many types of songs!
  • “Greatest vocal abilities… If she took off her costumes adults would understand, but she’s an artist. Her abilities rival those of Whitney Houston and Tina Turner. She’s one of the greatest of all time.

3. Katy Perry

Katy Pery01

  • Katy Perry Is The Best Out There In Pop! She Is Aiming For Her 6th Hit Of An Album! 2010,2011 And 2012 Will Be Her Best Year.
  • Her songs are amazing but where has she gone now?… She should make more music… And shes really pretty
  • Katy Perry is a awesome singer and song writer
  • Her lyrics have a meaning to them unlike Taylor Swift’s she only writes a song when she breaks up with someone

4. Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles

  • Obviously beyonce should be in the top 10 over kesha, gomez and bieber
  • Beyonce is great and her songs are always real hits.
  • Shes amazing performer, dancer, singer and actres

beyonce 01

5. Bruno Mars


  • I saw the list and expected Bruno Mars to be on the top but then, I saw him here, at number 8. Besides being shocking, this is complete trash. Bruno Mars deserves a top 5 position for sure, if no the first.
  • Bruno Mars Has Also Risen To Fame! He Will Be Soon Out There!
  • Bruno Mars draws from all the greats and blend them with his unique talents to touch young and old alike. Incredible artist, showman and spirit

6. Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

  • This list is wrong. Enrique must be on the top of the list. His voice is amazing. Enrique should be after Michael jackson. That idiot justin bieber should in the bottom of the list.What the hell is Enrique doing on position 14
  • People he should be 1. Have you all heard his new song heart attack. It rocks. He has started to sing better now a days but he used to sing good before also. Please vote

7. Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

  • The best singer of our lifetime. Full stop.
  • Best singer in our lifetimeAmy Winehouse is one of my greatest idols and I really love her song “Back to Black”.

8. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

  • Taylor Swift is like THE best singer ever. Not only does she sing pop, she also sings country. Her voice is suitable for both genres. She is an amazing singer. Keep it up Taylor! You’re so sweet and kind.One Day This Female Artist Could Be The Best Female Recording Artist IN HistoryEvery time I listen to her songs I just get it stuck in my head and I just can’t stop singing it. I just have to keep listening to it!

9. Rihanna


  • Rihanna is the best she got the best music and also I like Nicki Minaj
  • I think rihannas so good. no wonder my mum like her
  • Best pop singer ever

10. Pitbull


  • Pitbull is Awesome. Justin Bieber sucks eggs
  • He is the best his give me everything is really comfortingPitbull! What Can I Say This International Pop Star Is On Top Of The List For Best Male Artist