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Juliana Vieira

Juliana Vieira – A Princesa da Guitarra


Only 18 years old, Juliana Vieira has stood out on the internet with her Youtube channel with over 4,000,000 hits and projects, including the most recent entry is the rock band from São Paulo Replace. Showcasing musical talent and charisma is winning more fans throughout Brazil and abroad with their videos and dedication to your dream.

In 2011 she began her partnership with the brand White and Green and performed for the first time in Expomusic brand stand next to the renowned guitarist Teo Dornellas. With the dual Bluegrass Oliver and Leo, played to over 60,000 people in Santo André, besides participating in the DVD recording . “To Talk – Live” also had the chance to demonstrate their ability to compose songs and arrangements in EP “Everything I thought” band Eiffel.

In 2012 the brand BOSS, impressed with her achievements and public invited to join the cast of performers and record a video (posted on YouTube in May) demonstrating the functionality of the ME-70 footswitch, which uses since 2010. That same month was made ​​official entry in the Replace band, which has participated in materials and programs in MixTV and MTV channels and was included in brand sponsorship Alternative Clothings and Sick Mind.

On the internet the name Juliana Vieira has grown increasingly influenced and her audience and new people to begin the study of the instrument. With over 6,000 daily views on youtube, musicians and producers like Orianthi (Former guitarist of Michael Jackson), Jim McGorman (Producer and guitarist Avril Lavigne), Leléo (Producer Program Jelly Rock , to which Julian was invited to edition 2011) among others have viewed and commented on her videos.

Focused on her learning and development as a guitarist, began his studies in 2008 with Renato Brito and in 2011 joined the traditionalist Arts Foundation in São Caetano do Sul, where he studied music theory and Rodrigo Kobo learns more about his instrument.

In the second half of 2012, Juliana Vieira has partnered with the brand of strings SG Strings.

In September 2012, Hurricane music video with the band Replace was released. The video is over 5 weeks in the program Top10 MTV.

She is currently working on compositions for her first EP of instrumental music, and bringing emotional technique that added to her musical identity apart from the current guitar melodies. With the Band Replace She Is recording new songs for the 4th CD of the band.

Juliana Vieira is sponsored by the Boss, Roland, White and Green, SG Strings, Herique Souza Art, Alternative Clothing and Sick Mind.

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