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Fumika Baba 馬場 ふみか

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Fumika Baba (馬場 ふみか Baba Fumika, born June 21, 1995, in Niigata, Niigata Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese actress and model who is represented by the talent agency Name Management.


Baba’s skills are ballet and juggling.

She was scouted on a local street when she was in high school, and started working as a model for the local free newspaper, Niigata Bishōjo Zukan.

Baba later belonged with other junior high school students in the kids troupe, Apricot, and later appeared at a local stage. Her acting debut was in the film Puzzle, in 2014. Baba yearned for the actress Fumi Nikaidō.

Her television drama debut was in Kamen Rider Drive as the enemy, Medic.

Baba’s cousin is poet Megumi Baba.



Reon Kadena かでな れおん

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Reon Kadena (かでな れおん Kadena Reon), also known as Leon Kadena or Minamo Kusano, is a Japanese glamour model and actress.

Life and career

Kadena was born in Osaka Prefecture on February 19, 1986. The former gravure idol had her first collection of nude photos published at age eighteen by Asahi Press in the photobook Naked Reon (はだかのれおん) in June 2004. Kadena also appeared in a number of glamour videos including the September 2005 Reon Style (レオンスタイル) released by Geneon Entertainment

In July 2005, Kadena made her theatrical debut in the erotic drama Piikan Fūfu. Three years later in June 2008, she co-starred with fellow gravure idol Yuuri Morishita in the Toei comedy Secret Undercover Agent: Wild Cats in Strip Royale as secret agents Honey and Bunny who investigate strange incidents beyond the abilities of the regular police.

Kadena also appeared in a number of television dramas including being part of the regular cast for the TV Asahi action-mystery series Maid Deka (メイド刑事) which was broadcast in 11 episodes from June to September 2009. In 2010 she played the role of Eren Komori (小森絵漣) in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W Featuring Skull: Movie War Core, an installment in the long-running Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu films.



  • Tri Puru H (2004, under the name Minamo Kusano)
  • Leon (2004)
  • Girl’s Desire (2004) – also known as ‘Gravure Idol’
  • Virginity (2005)
  • Reon Style (2005)
  • Make You Happy (2006)
  • My Reflection (2006)
  • Memories (2006) – also known as ‘Champion Gold Selection’
  • Dream Planet (2007)


  • Piikan Fūfu (ピーカン夫婦) (July 2005)
  • God’s Left Hand, Devil’s Right Hand (神の左手 悪魔の右手 “Kami no hidarite akuma no migite) (July 2006)
  • The Making of Dark Fantasy (December 2006) [Documentary]
  • Secret Undercover Agent: Wild Cats in Strip Royale (秘密潜入捜査官 ワイルドキャッツ in ストリップ ロワイアル Himitsu sennyū sōsakan wairudokyattsu in sutorippu rowaiaru) (June 2008)
  • Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W Featuring Skull: Movie War Core (December 2010)
  • Ichijiku no mori (無花果の森) (June 2014)
  • The Pinkie (さまよう小指 Samayou Koyubi) (September 2014)


  • Kamen Rider Ghost as Alia


  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater as Herself/Model

Kadena was also one of many models featured in “Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater” many models have appeared in the series, this has been almost a motif throughout the games. This Videogame came out in 2004.


Yuko Ogura 小倉 優子

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Yuko Ogura (小倉 優子 Ogura Yūko, born November 1, 1983 in Mobara, Chiba) is a Japanese gravure idol and model who typically aimed for the cute, innocent schoolgirl look prior to her 2011 marriage. She is represented by Platinum Production.


Ogura regularly, if not entirely seriously, claims to be one “Princess Apple-Momoka” (りんごももか姫) of the apple-shaped planet Korin. This is apparently an in-joke dating back to her middle school days. Having an alternate name was trendy at one point, and one of her friends told her that she looked like a Momoka. She liked the name and still uses it today.[citation needed]

She is known outside Japan for her song “Onna no Ko ♡ Otoko no Ko” (オンナのコ♡オトコのコ, “Girls ♡ Boys”) which is the ending theme of the anime School Rumble. Ogura’s fame as a model has also spread beyond Japan and she was named as one of the “7 most irresistibly cute Japanese idols” by the Thailand version of FHM magazine in 2010.

Personal Life

She married Isao Kikuchi on October 10, 2011, in Hawaii. In March 2017, Ogura announced that she and Kikuchi were divorcing.In December 2018 she had married for the second time.


Japanese Actress – Saaya Irie


Saaya Irie (born November 15, 1993) is a Japanese actress, voice actress, model and singer.

Her stage name is simply her given name, Saaya. In addition to her modeling work she has recently been appearing in numerous films, radio, and television programs.

She has also done voice work, appearing in the anime OVA Kyo no Gononi as Chika Koizumi. She was formerly a member of Japanese musical group Sweet Kiss before it disbanded on May 12, 2006 to be replaced by the group Chase.

Irie was born in Kitakyushu , Fukuoka , Japan. During her childhood she idolized Yoshika, a fashion model from Kitakyushu, but she gained fame for her professional glamour modeling as a U-15 idol , making her debut at age 11.

Her bikini pictures soon received widespread distribution over the Internet. In October 2015, Saaya released her 12th photobook, and appeared in 42 solo gravure idol DVDs through 2016 ………. MORE
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Saaya Irie (入江紗綾) Photobooks

  • Name; Saaya Irie (入江紗綾, Saaya Irie?)
  • Born: November 15, 1993 (1993-11-15) (age 14)
  • Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Other name(s) Saaya
  • Occupation: Actress, seiyū, junior idol, singer
  • Years active: 2005 — Present
  • Measurements: 78F-56-78 (cm)
  • Height: 4 ft 9 in (1.45 m)
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Black
  • Ethnicity: Japanese

Saaya Irie (入江紗綾, Irie Saaya?, born November 15, 1993, in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan) is a Japanese actress, seiyū, junior idol and singer. Her stage name is simply her given name, Saaya. As of September 2006, her height is 150 centimeters (59 in).

She has recently been appearing in numerous films, radio, and television programs including the recent live action TV drama adaptation of the Jigoku Shoujo series. She has also done voice work, appearing in the recent anime OVA Kyo no Gononi as Chika Koizu. She was formerly a member of Japanese musical group Sweet Kiss before it disbanded on May 12, 2006 to be replaced by the group Chase.


  • Saaya, Tsubomi (紗綾「ボミ」) ISBN 4-08-780435-6,2005.
  • Saaya, Saaya 11 years old (紗綾「紗綾11歳」) ISBN 4-8211-2660-5, 2005.
  • Saaya, Saaya 11 years old Fugue (紗綾「さあや11歳(フーガ) 」)
  • Saaya, Pastel Time. (紗綾「ぱすてるたいむ 「紗綾」」)

Saaya Irie 入江紗綾

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Saaya Irie (入江紗綾 Irie Saaya, born November 15, 1993) is a Japanese actress, voice actress, gravure idol and singer. Her stage name is simply her given name, Saaya.

In addition to her modeling work she has recently been appearing in numerous films, radio, and television programs. She has also done voice work, appearing in the anime OVA Kyo no Gononi as Chika Koizumi. She was formerly a member of Japanese musical group Sweet Kiss before it disbanded on May 12, 2006 to be replaced by the group Chase.


As a Model

Irie was born in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan. During her childhood she idolized Yoshika, a fashion model from Kitakyushu, but she gained fame for her professional glamour modeling as a U-15 idol, making her debut at age 11. Her bikini pictures soon received widespread distribution over the Internet. In October 2015, Saaya released her 12th photobook, and appeared in 44 solo gravure idol DVDs through 2017.

Personal Life

After making her debut as a model, she still lived in Fukuoka Prefecture where she attended elementary school and middle school, but moved to Tokyo when she turned 16. In August 2014, she contracted Dengue fever during the 2014 Dengue fever outbreak.


TV Programs

  • Kyuyo Meisai (TV Tokyo)
  • Gekito! Idol Yokibou (July 2006)
  • Government Crime Investigation Agent Zaizen Jotaro (TV Asahi)
  • Hell Girl (2007 Live action), Tsugumi Shibata (Nippon TV)
  • Manga-Kissa Toshi-Densetsu Noroi no Manna san (BS-i)

Radio Programs

  • Gekito! Idol Yokibou (Osaka Broadcasting Corporation, released on July 2006)


  • Kyo no Gononi (as Chika Koizumi; produced by avex)
  • Note: She only sang for the Sweet Kiss version of the opening and ending songs and did not play Chika in the OVA itself. Mai Kadowaki played Chika. On the special edition of the DVD series there was a special audio track. Saaya and Chase were on the second audio track.


  • God’s Left Hand, Devil’s Right Hand or Kami no hidarite Akuma no migite (神の左手 悪魔の右手) 2006
  • Shibuya Kaidan parts 1 & 1 (渋谷怪談 THEリアル都市伝説) 2006
  • Kani Goalkeeper (かにゴールキーパー) 2006
  • Carved or Kuchisake-onna (口裂け女) 2007 (all members of Chase in this movie)
  • Pussy Soup (The Cat Cook) or Neko Râmen Taishô (猫ラーメン大将) 2008
  • Hard Revenge Milly 2008
  • Girl’s Box 2008
  • Yamagata sukurîm 2009
  • Seifuku sabaigâru I 2010
  • The Purple Mirror (horror) 2010
  • Rock and Roll Diet 2010
  • Yomutoshinu: Death Comic Part I and Part II (movie version) 2011
  • Marry’s Phone (Martial arts and horror) 2011

Web Programs

  • It’s your CHOICE! episode 2


  • Samurai Warriors (戦国無双 Sengoku Musō) (2015), Inahime



  • Chase Me! (1st single)

Sweet Kiss

  • Baby Love (opening to the anime OVA Kyo no Gononi)
  • Yakusoku (ending to the anime OVA Kyo no Gononi)

Sweet Kiss

  • Sweet Kiss (May 2005, Elk Heart Promotion) ISBN 4-341-78006-9
  • Very Sweet Vol.2 (December 2005, Elk Heart Promotion)


  • 激闘!アイドル予備校 紗綾・留奈・梨央 [Battle! Idol Prep-School – Saaya, Runa, Rio] (September 2006, E-Net Frontier)


Rani Ramadhany Perankan Gadis Tomboi

Rani terjun  ke Dunia Akting – Love Reborn

by Wartakota, Minggu, 18 Februari 2018


Dibalik kepiawaiannya menabuh drum dan model, artis peran Rani Ramadhany (23) memiliki bakat terpendam di dunia akting.

Sudah ada beberapa film dibintangi Rani dengan peran cukup menantang.

Kini Rani kembali mendapat kesempatan berakting di film karya Jay Sukmo yang diproduksi Hati Films dengan genre drama komedi bertajuk ‘Love Reborn‘.

Berperan sebagai anak band ‘Keras Kepala Band‘ bernama Rindu, Rani mengaku tidak kesulitan memainkan alat musik yang memang sudah ia mainkan sejak kecil.

“Untuk jadi Rindu, jadi anak band nya sih enggak sulit. Cuman karakternya yang sulit,” kata Rani Ramadhany ketika ditemui saat launcing poster dan teaser film ‘Love Reborn’, di Central Park Mall, Grogol, Jakarta Barat, Sabtu (17/2/2018).

Rani menambahkan, kesulitan memerankan  Rindu adalah membiasakan diri untuk selalu marah-marah yang memang tidak pernah ia lakukan sebelumnya.

“Karakter Rindu itu tomboi, yah enggak jauh beda sama aku. Cuman bedanya karakternya selalu marah-marah. Itu yang buat aku kesulitan dan jadi tantangan sendiri,” ucapnya.

Sifat marah-marah itu dilakukan oleh wanita yang mewakili Indonesia dalam ajang kecantikan ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ itu harus membela rekan satu bandnya.

“Karena Rindu itu yang menolong teman sebandnya. Rindu cewek sendiri, sisanya cowok semua. Tapi yang paling cowok itu yah Rindu. Jadi susah banget karakternya,” ujar Rani Ramadhany.

Love Reborn menceritakan kisah penulis komik Kirei (Nadya Arina), yang komiknya bertajuk ‘Kisah Masa Lalu’ menjadi viral dan dicintai oleh pecinta komik.

Kesuksesan komik Kirei ternyata berakibat masalah baru, karena Bagus (Ardit Erwanda), si vokalis grup band Indie ‘Keras Kepala Band’, yang beranggotakan Rindu (Rani Ramadhany), Jefry (Indra Jegel), dan Sobrin (Jul Purwanto) tidak terima dengan komik hasil Kirei.

Mereka tidak menerima karena karakter di komik Kirei adalah sosok ayahnya. Dengan bukti komik itu, Bagus menuduh ibu Kirei wanita murahan karena sebagai penyebab retaknya rumah tangga keluarganya.

Demi membuktikan siapa yang benar genk komikus dan anak band sepakat mengungkap rahasia itu semua, serta terjadi perselisihan kecil diantara mereka.

Film ini juga dibintangi oleh artis-artis papan atas Indonesia, diantaranya ada Chand Kelvin, Rani Ramadhany, Foye Nichole, Nadya Arina, Ira Wibowo, dan masih banyak lagi. (Arie Puji Waluyo)

Nana (Im Jin-ah)

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Im Jin-ah (born September 14, 1991), better known by her stage name Nana, is a South Korean singer, actress and model. She is a member of the South Korean girl group After School and its subgroup Orange Caramel.

Opera Snapshot_2018-01-26_220017_en.wikipedia.org

Opera Snapshot_2018-01-26_220216_en.wikipedia.org

Early Life 

Nana was born on September 14, 1991.  She graduated from Ochang High School in Cheongju,  and was a participant in the 2009 Asia Pacific Super Model Contest.  Nana is a licensed makeup artist and is a member of the Makeup Artists Association.


2009–2013: Debut with After School and Orange Caramel 

In November 2009, Nana debuted in After School along with Raina as third generation members with the release of After School’s second EP, Because of You.  In June 2010, Nana, along with After School members Raina and Lizzy, formed a sub-unit called Orange Caramel. Nana’s first solo song, “Close Your Eyes”, was included on Orange Caramel’s third single, “Shanghai Romance”.

In July 2011, Nana was part of the After School sub-unit A.S. Red along with After School members Kahi, Jungah and Uee, releasing the single “In the Night Sky”.  In September 2011, she was chosen as the main model for the Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show. 

In March 2012, Nana again modeled for Tokyo Girls Collection, walking the S/S 2012 show. She was also a model for the Japanese fashion show Girls’ Award and Park Yoon-yoo’s Seoul Fashion Walk S/S 2012.  In June 2012, After School released their fifth maxi-single Flashback. Nana has a solo song on it titled “Eyeline”.  In December she joined fellow K-pop stars Hyolyn, Hyuna, Hyoseong, and Nicole to form super group Dazzling Red for SBS Gayo Daejun, performing the song “This Person”.  She also became the endorsement model for the biggest diet brand in Korea, Juvis.  Nana was also a permanent panelist on the Japanese fashion TV show, Tokyo Brandnew Girls. 

In 2013, she walked the runway for a-nation’s “NYLON” fashion show.  The same year, Nana collaborated with Electroboyz on their single “Ma Boy 3”.  In December 2013, Nana gained global recognition when she placed second on the Independent Critics List of 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013.  She rose to #1 position in 2014,  and placed first again in 2015.

2014–present: Acting career 

In March 2014, it was announced that Nana would be a member on a new SBS variety show called Roommate. The show features 11 celebrities living in one house.  In April, Nana became the host for the second season of OnStyle’s Style Log, along with Hong Jong-hyun and Cho Min-ho. In August 2014, Nana participated in the Chinese fashion elimination show Muse Dress,  and emerged runner-up in the competition.[citation needed] She also had a cameo role in the Korean film Fashion King, which was released on November 6, 2014. 

In early 2015, Nana starred in the Chinese television drama, Love Weaves Through a Millennium, a remake of the Korean drama Queen In-hyun’s Man (2012).  The same year, she starred in the Chinese romantic comedy film Go Lala Go 2, the sequel to Go Lala Go!. 

In February 2016, Nana joined the cast of Real Men for the fourth season’s female soldier special.  Later in the year, she was cast in a supporting role in the television drama The Good Wife, a remake of the American series of the same name   Nana earned positive reviews for her role as Kim Dan,  and received the Rookie Actress award at the 2016 Asia Artist Awards.

Following her success on the small screen, Nana was cast alongside her The Good Wife co-star, Yoo Ji-tae in the film, Ggoon(Conman).  In 2017, she was cast in her first leading role for upcoming romantic thriller Four Men.


Nana at a fan event in 2012



Opera Snapshot_2018-01-26_221622_en.wikipedia.org


Opera Snapshot_2018-01-26_221416_en.wikipedia.org



Opera Snapshot_2018-01-26_220237_en.wikipedia.org

Television Series

Opera Snapshot_2018-01-26_220317_en.wikipedia.org

Variety Show

Opera Snapshot_2018-01-26_220317_en.wikipedia.org

Awards and Nominations

Opera Snapshot_2018-01-26_220338_en.wikipedia.org

Nana – After School Singer

Read Also: Nana (Im Jin Ah) 



Opera Snapshot_2018-01-29_000008_www.google.com


  • Nama : Nana
  • Nama Asli : Im Jin Ah
  • Posisi di group : Sub Vocalist
  • Tanggal Lahir : 14 September 1991
  • Tempat Lahir : Korea Selatan
  • Tinggi : 171 cm
  • Berat : 48 kg
  • Golongan Darah : A
  • Zodiak : Virgo
  • Sekolah : Jeongju Ochang High School
  • Agensi : PLEDIS Entertainmet

In regards to her body measurements, Nana stated, “My height is 171cm (5ft 6in) and my weight is 49kg (108lbs). My waist size is 25 inches.” Furthermore, the singer said, “This dress size is 55 (medium),” after the MCs had noted that the stage outfit seemed too small for the mannequin.

When MC Shin Dong Yup jokingly asked, “Is the distribution near the chest area big?” Nana hilariously replied, “It’s really big!” causing laughter in the studio.




  • Nama lengkap: Im Jin Ah
  • Nama Panggung: Nana
  • Lahir tanggal: 14 September 1991
  • Nana tergabung dalam sub “Orange Caramel” dan “After School Red” 
  • Nana memulai debutnya pada tahun 2009
  • Debut pertama Nana sebelum bergabung di After School adalah seorang model.
  • Nana menyukai anak kecil
  • Nana mengatakan ia menerima begitu banyak perhatian selama sekolah
  • Nana tumbuh lebih tinggi karena susu
  • Ibu Nana kadang-kadang suka merapikan dorm After School
  • Nana ingin pergi berlibur bersama keluarganya
  • Nana tidak suka dingin
  • Nana hobi bernyanyi, menulis, rap, bermain drum, dan menulis lagu
  • Nana diberi julukan Bachelor of Makeup dan Kecantikan
  • Membintangi MV Honey Dew yang berjudul “Like A Fool”
  • Anggota Orange Caramel suka mandi bersama
  • Nana mengatakan saingan terbesarnya selama di Star Dance Battle adalah Hyuna 4Minute
  • Nana suka mengambil selca
  • Nana pernah berkata bahwa dia tidak memiliki bakat di sebuah acara radio
  • Nana ditraning salama 1 tahun
  • Film favorite Nana adalah Little Mermaid
  • Nana menerima pengakuan cinta dari seorang model laki-laki pada Bouquet
  • Nana adalah tipe orang yang pemalu saat ia bertemu dengan orang baru
  • Alasan Nana masuk After School karena After School mempunyai banyak Fan Boys yang tampan
  • Tipe ideal Nana adalah Lee Sun Gyun
  • Nana dekat dengan Nicole KARA
  • Nana bergabung dengan kontes model Super pada tahun 2009
  • Nana dan Lizzy dekat karena mereka maknae dan mereka juga merupakan bagian dari Orange Caramel
  • Nana merupakan sosok yang humoris menurut member lainnya
  • Awalnya Nana ditempatkan di “After School Blue” tapi penggemar kemudian memintanya agar ditempatkan di “After School Red”. jadi disanalah dia sekarang
  • Nana adalah seorang model profesional
  • Nana “Tidak peduli di mana saya, saya selalu menemukan kamera dan tersenyum.”
  • Tipe Ideal Nana adalah Nichkhun 2PM
  • Fav anggota Key di Orange Caramel yang Nana. itu alasannya adalah key dekat dengan nana
  • Nana dekat dengan Kara’s Nicole. Mereka berdua memiliki usia yang sama
  • Nana adalah seorang yang mempunyai kepribadian tidak terduga.
  • Popularitas Nana mulai naik setelah fotonya di bandara menunjukkan sosoknya yang cantik
  • Nana mengurangi kebiasaan makan hanya untuk menjaga bentuk tubuhnya, Nana juga selalu mempertahan kan agar tulang punggung lurus dan selalu mempertahankan postur yang baik meskipun Ia sedang lelah.
  • Mata Nana terlihat sangat sipit saat Ia tidak menggunakan Make Up.
  • Nana tipe yang ideal adalah Lee Sun Gyun. Ia menambahkan “Aku suka orang yang memiliki mata cantik saat mereka tersenyum”
  • Nana dengan Kahi adalah teman sekamar di dorm After School.
  • Nana’s official chinese name is Na Na
  • Nana mempunyai kepesertaan di Makeup Artists Association, yang menunjukkan bahwa dia benar-benar seorang seniman, makeup berlaku bersertifikat
  • Nana sebenarnya menyukai Sailor Moon cos dia ingin menjaga perdamaian di dunia ini sebagai Sailor Moon + dia mencintai costumnya.
  • Nana dan Lizzy tidak diizinkan masuk ke klub coz mereka di bawah umur


maxresdefault (1)Nana_1460091970_af_orgNana-3

After School

AFTERSCHOOL. They are under Pledis Entertainment (South Korea), Avex Trax (Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan), and Universal Records (Philippines).


(From Left to Right) Kaeun, Raina, Jooyeon, Nana, Jungah, UEE, Lizzy, and E-Young



  • Birth Name: Kim Jung Ah
  • Stage Name: Jungah
  • Birthday: August 2, 1983
  • Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Leader
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Blood Type: O
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Instagram: @jjungajjunga
  • Twitter: @as_jungah
  • -She is in After School’s sub unit A.S. Red


  • Birth Name: Kim Yu Jin
  • Stage Name: UEE and U-ie
  • Birthday: April 9, 1988
  • Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Face of The Group
  • Height: 173 cm
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Star Sign: Aries
  • Instagram: @uieing
  • Twitter: @uuuei
  • -She was born in Incheon, South Korea
  • -In 2007, she was supposed to debut with G.NA, Yubin (Wonder Girls), Hyosung (SECRET), and Jiwon (SPICA) as girl group ‘Five Girls’ but they disbanded
  • -She is Yubin’s, of the Wonder Girls, best friend
  • -She is a former swimmer
  • -She is in After School’s sub unit A.S. Red


  • Birth Name: Oh Hye Rin
  • Stage Name: Raina
  • Birthday: May 7, 1989
  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Height: 166 cm
  • Weight: 46 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Instagram: @raina_57
  • Twitter: @raina57
  • – She is in After School’s sub unit Orange Caramel
  • -She is in After School’s sub unit A.S. Blue


  • Birth Name: Im Jin Ah
  • Stage Name: Nana
  • Birthday: September 14, 1991
  • Position: Vocalist, Rapper
  • Height: 171 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Star Sign: Virgo
  • Instagram: @jin_a_nana
  • Twitter: @I_nanaaaa
  • -She is a licensed make-up artist and beautician
  • -She is in After School’s sub unit Orange Caramel
  • -She is in After School’s sub unit A.S. Red
  • -She’s a member of the one time sub unit Dazzling RED with 4Minute’s Hyuna,
  • SECRET’s Hyosung, KARA’s Nicole, & SISTAR’s Hyorin 


  • Birth Name: Park Soo Young
  • Stage Name: Lizzy
  • Birthday: July 31, 1992
  • Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 46 kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Hobbies: Enjoying Music, playing NDS games, Art & Crafts, Eating snacks
  • Specialty: Swimming, Piano
  • Favorite Music: Dance Style, Ballad
  • Favorite Singer: Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Park Jung-hyun
  • Favorite Artist: Josh Hartnett, Kang Boo-ja
  • Instagram: @luvlyzzy
  • Twitter: @p_lizzy
  • -She was born in Busan, South Korea
  • -It was confirmed on January 5, 2012, that Lizzy would join the cast the We Got
  • Married spin-off ‘Pit-a-pat shake’. She was paired with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon.
  • -She is in After School’s sub unit A.S. Blue
  • -She is in After School’s sub unit Orange Caramel
  • -She’s a member of the one time sub unit Mystic WHITE with 4Minute’s Gayoon,
  • SECRET’s Sunhwa, KARA’s Jiyoung, & SISTAR’s Bora


  • Birth Name: Noh Yi Young
  • Stage Name: E-Young
  • Birthday: August 16, 1992
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Instagram: @yiyoung_noh
  • Twitter: @Eyoung0816
    – She plays the guitar, piano, cello, bass and drums among a few other instruments
  • -She is in After School’s sub unit A.S. Blue


  • Birth Name: Lee Ga Eun
  • Stage Name: Kaeun
  • Nickname: Bagel Girl
  • Birthday: August 20, 1994
  • Position: Vocalist, Maknae
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Specialty: Japanese, Vocals

Former Members “Graduates”


  • Birth Name: Yoo So Young
  • Stage Name: Soyoung
  • Birthday: March 29, 1986
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Twitter: @SsoSso_1004
  • -She withdrew from After School on October 29th, 2009
  • Birth Name: Rebekah Kim
  • Stage Name: Bekah
  • Birthday: August 11, 1989
  • Position: Main Rapper, Supporting Vocalist
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Instagram: @superbek
  • Twitter: @__BEKAH
  • -She was born and raised in Hawaii
  • -She withdrew from After School on July 9th, 2011


  • Birth Name: Park Ji Young
  • Stage Name: Kahi
  • Birthday: December 25, 1980
  • Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Dancer
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Blood Type: O
  • Star Sign: Capricorn
  • Instagram: @imisskahi
  • Twitter: @misskahi
  • -She was born in Gangwon, South Korea


  • Birth Name: Lee Joo Yeon
  • Stage Name: Jooyeon
  • Birthday: March 19, 1987
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Star Sign: Pisces
  • Instagram: @jupppal
  • Twitter: @ASJuPal
  • -She was born in South Korea
  • -She is in After School’s sub unit A.S. Blue


  • 2009: “AH”, “Diva”, “Because Of You”
  • 2010: “Bang!”, “Love Love Love”
  • 2011: “Shampoo”, “In The Night Sky” (A.S. RED) “Wonder Boy” (A.S. BLUE)
  • 2012: “Flashback”
  • 2013: “First Love”

Beautiful Artists & Models in The World

Beautiful Artists & Models in The World


Beautiful Artists & Models in The World

Beautiful Chinese Actresses

  1. Fan Bingbing
  2. Li Bingbing
  3. Lin Chi-ling
  4. Liu Yan
  5. Liu Yifei
  6. Vivian Hsu
  7. Wu Qian
  8. Yang Mi
  9. Zhang Wan You
  10. Zhang You
  11. Zeng Ke Ke 曾可可
  12. Zhao Wei